Exchange PayPal to Tether ERC20 (USDT)

The Tether ERC20 cryptocurrency is a stablecoin whose stability is assessed as a significant benefit. The token is pegged to currency; the most common is USDT, pegged to the US dollar, and is based on the blockchain of another famous cryptocurrency – Ethereum. In this regard, it also has benefits like increased transaction processing speed, reduced fees on the Internet, versatility, the ability to transfer even small amounts, and customizable smart contracts that ensure security.

Exchange PayPal to Tether ERC20 (USDT)

However, at the same time, the Tether USDT stablecoin in the ERC20 network cryptocurrency is less widespread than it can be used to pay for any goods and services. It is often required to transfer it to PayPal to work with traditional money.

Exchange of cryptocurrency through an online exchanger

The fastest way to exchange digital currency into fiat currency is by using electronic exchange services. They do not require registration and verification; in most cases, the procedure boils down to filling out a simple form, which typically consists of the following fields: direction of exchange, amount, details of a cryptocurrency wallet, and payment card.

As a bank card to which the Tether cryptocurrency is withdrawn, they usually use a card from the international payment system, PayPal USD, because they are distributed worldwide.

Many exchangers work with the Tether cryptocurrency and cards from various banks. Finding them is not difficult, but there is a high probability of stumbling upon a fraudulent site. In addition, you want to carry out the exchange with maximum benefit for yourself, that is, choose options with the optimal rate and low commissions. An independent search may take a lot of time, but the problem can be easily solved with the help of specialized resources for monitoring exchangers.

Specialists collect information on various online exchangers and check them for security. If the service is reliable, it is added to the rating on the site. At the same time, basic information about it is indicated, automatically updated every 10 seconds, allowing users always to find out the latest data.

To view the list of exchangers, visit, where you can exchange PayPal to Tether ERC20 (USDT). When choosing a suitable service, the user should consider the following criteria:

  • Current exchange rate;
  • Currency reserve – should be much larger than the client wants to receive;
  • Minimum and maximum exchange amount – the desired amount must be within this range;
  • Customer reviews – obviously, there should be more positive ones, but if available, it is worth studying the negative ones to assess the risks;
  • Application processing mode – in the case of automatic – the process will take only a few minutes, and manual – depending on the work schedule of the exchanger;
  • Other terms of exchange.

Other ways to sell cryptocurrency

You can also use cryptocurrency exchanges to exchange PayPal to Tether ERC20 (USDT). This method will take much longer, as you must go through registration and verification. Although the second procedure is optional on many exchanges, it will help to avoid problems with further withdrawal of funds and unexpected blocking of the account by the administration. The crypto exchange is not a participant in the transaction but acts as an intermediary and guarantor. This option is suitable for those who plan to trade cryptocurrencies for a long time: commissions are charged for depositing and withdrawing funds, which makes the procedure less profitable than when using exchangers.

Another method is direct exchange: searching for a Tether buyer on thematic online platforms and conducting negotiations independently. It should be used only in extreme cases, as it is easy to fall for the trick of scammers and lose all your money.